Whenever people need justice in the District of Columbia, they should know their Attorney General will be there to help no matter how big or small the issue is.

Ryan will spend his time out in each of our neighborhoods, listening to residents, and seeking out all of the ways the DC Government can fight on behalf of people in need of justice. 

Ryan will give DC residents seamless access to the Office of the Attorney General through text, email, and social media. If there is something the AG can do to help, he will ensure residents get the attention and help they deserve. 

No issue will be deemed too small because if it is happening to one resident it very likely could be happening to many others.



  • Ensuring people and businesses are not taken advantage of during the pandemic by price-gougers, scammers, and fraudsters.

  • Protecting residents from financial institutions creating never ending cycles of debt and poverty through predatory lending products.

  • Seeking protection of personal data information from being exploited.

  • Ramping up protection services for children and health and safety codes for childcare services.

  • Combating wage theft to ensure workers are fully compensated for the hours they work.   

  • Ensuring landlords follow all DC laws to provide safe and clean housing for all tenants. 

  • Stopping the never ending robocalls that spread misinformation and scam residents. 

  • Providing protection to immigrants to make sure their rights are protected from employment and housing discrimination. 

  • Making sure employers follow the District’s minimum wage and paid sick and family leave laws.

  • Using the law to set reasonable prices on oil and gas so not to gouge residents just to fill up our cars at the pumps.

  • Set high standards on emissions and other waste to protect our environment for future generations and health of our planet. 

  • Working closely with the DC Council create laws and regulations that protect residents and set regulations on burgeoning financial markets and assets, such as crypto and gaming, decentralization, and data mining and the exchange thereof.


  • Fighting to secure equal access to capital for qualified small businesses, no matter what neighborhood they are based out of. 

  • Helping lower income and minority residents obtain equal treatment from lending institutions to expand home ownership in the District. 

  • Partnering with Federal Prosecutors and prison systems, to ensure DC residents who are imprisoned will be located in facilities within a 3-hour drive of the District limits.

  • Pushing to reduce or eliminate traffic camera tickets to stop disproportionately impacting low income residents, with need based waivers or a showing of present hardship. 

  • Working with the Office of the People’s Counsel, The Public Service Commission, and Utility providers to evaluate best practices going forward to create equity in needed utilities. 

  • Advocating to remove racially biased and discriminatory laws, regulations, and policies from the DC Code. 

  • Combatting root causes of health inequities that lead to higher rates of illness and disease among lower income residents and communities of color in the District.


  • Creating a program to refer work to private law firms to represent private citizens in matters that are either outside the scope of authority of the OAG or too burdensome, yet critical to the mission of making a more equitable DC. This way dc businesses are benefited, people are protected, and precedent can be set to deter future bad acts. This will greatly help with the reduction of the backlog during this emergency and could likely pay for itself. 

  • Enhancing adult misdemeanor diversion programs, and alternative resolutions/punishments to reduce the harsh impacts of being taken out of society for certain offenses. 

  • Leveraging the pro-bono legal and non-profit community to join the fight to protect residents and businesses from being taken advantage of through increased funding for partnerships. 

  • Mastering oversight of interpretation issues regarding statutes and regulations confronting District agencies that are having a real effect on residents. 

  • Creating law and policy from the OAG’s agency to set up protections for District Residents.


  • Protecting our residents and young people are the harsh effects of gun violence by preventing access to illegal guns, to make our neighborhoods safer.

  • Eliminating the core reasons for violence and tension in our communities. 

  • Improving the District’s approach to adult misdemeanors and expanding diversion options with a focus on youth employment.


  • Encouraging Attorneys General from across the country to join the fight for DC Statehood. 

  • Prepare DC’s local Judicial system to be fully locally administered upon the granting of statehood.