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As an active attorney, and practicing litigator Ryan sees how people in DC are victimized, exploited, and in need of justice.
Ryan believes we can do more to protect Washingtonians with the law.   That is why he is running for Attorney General of the District of Columbia.


Ryan grew up in the 16th Street Heights neighborhood of DC in Ward 4. His father worked at the DC Office of the People’s Counsel where he advocated for residents who had issues with utility companies. His mom and brother are real estate agents who continue to help families navigate the process to provide access to housing and homeownership, to ensure they get their dream home.


Driven by the impact of his family, Ryan set out on a legal career using the law to zealously advocate for individuals, organizations and companies.


As an attorney, on the frontlines of important battles in our courtrooms, Ryan understands the impact his representation has on the community, not just his individual clients. He has been empowered to advocate for companies and people who need their rights protected. And, as much as Ryan expected to help others with his skillset and profession, his experiences have helped to enriched him as a person.
He has appeared in DC Superior Court (civil, criminal, and family), Landlord-Tenant, Probate Court, DC Court of Appeals, Federal District Court for the District of Columbia, and in Federal and District administrative hearing matters. Ryan is also experienced in transactional issues.  He also assists in strategy for the mitigation of reputational risks in the most critical moments for companies and individuals.


Between his summers of law school at Southern Illinois School of Law he was either working for a law firm, interning with judges, or externing with government agencies. His internships included work for the Chief Judge of the DC Court of Appeals, as well as an associate judge in the Superior Court.  He externed for the US Patent and Trademark Office.  Ryan graduated in an abbreviated 2 ½  years, before working as a law clerk for American Psychiatric Association helping advance their mission to identify, understand, and rectify past injustices and develop policies that promote equity in mental health for all. He also spent several months as a Judicial Fellow in the City of Philadelphia in the criminal division, before returning to the District, in 2013.

Ryan returned to DC to attend The George Washington Law School for his LL.M., where he also founded his law firm in 2014. The early days of his firm were spent contracting with larger firms to help with litigation discovery and associated litigation matters. He went on to work in the DC Government, as counsel focused on legislative policy for telecom and entertainment with the Office of Cable Television, Film, Music and Entertainment.  Ryan continued his practice where he advised clients transactionally, and represented them in Court.

Before Ryan’s days as an attorney, he expressed himself through track and field and basketball. He became a varsity Basketball student-athlete at Elon University before finishing at SUNY Stony Brook. After a short-lived stint of chasing his hoop dreams professionally, he decided to attend law school.


Looking to make a greater impact, Ryan returned to the work of his law firm in 2017.  His firm helped plaintiffs and defendants alike, including seniors from losing their homes, fraudulent transactions, and representing transit agency workers in discrimination cases. He has assisted nonprofits from having their intellectual property exploited and infringed while also defending against false representations by those hoping to cash in on work with those nonprofits. Ryan has also focused on employment law matters assisting employers when facing legal issues, as well as navigating ways employers can better serve their employees.

Through his work Ryan sees how people in DC are victimized and exploited. Ryan confronts the greediness of individuals trying to take advantage of others. Ryan believes we can do more to protect Washingtonians with the law, which is why he is running for Attorney General of the District of Columbia.  As the Attorney General of the District, Ryan knows how important it will be to join fights nationally as well as leading them locally.

As our next Attorney General, Ryan Jones will build upon the foundation laid by our first elected AG. He will use the law to uplift people. He will spend his time out in each of our neighborhoods listening to residents, identifying where people are being harmed and fighting back to make sure the full force of the District of Columbia has each of us protected.

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